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Why Choose Designer Kitchen & Bath?

With over 30 years of experience to draw upon, we help you plan a new space, select from thousands of products, then expertly construct the space of your dreams.


After you reach out, we discuss the project you have in mind and proceed to schedule the start date.

Depending on the project, we choose the ideal and most high-quality materials for your remodel and give you a timeline.

Afterward, we’ll go ahead and start the work, with the highest level of professionalism.

We do mid-project and final inspections to ensure that your project is being performed properly.

Once we’ve finished your remodel, we proceed to clean up our work area and deliver the project.

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Established in 2004 by proprietor David Leva, Designer Kitchen and Bath has evolved into a close-knit family of imaginative and forward-thinking interior designers and specialists. Our collective commitment to excellence and unmatched design sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, transparency, and communication.

We are ALL accountable for our actions, both individually and as a team, to our customers and to our business partners. We take extreme ownership over our actions.

We actively strive towards a high standard that promotes the best version of ourselves and provides the best experience to our customers.

Both internally and externally we strive with positivity and enthusiasm to keep communication at the highest standard.

We are committed to being the best version of ourselves at work AND at home by putting in the work that others are not willing to do. Through that we set ourselves apart to win each and every day.

Everything we do and can control puts the customer front and center, being empathetic to their investment in us and to their experience when choosing us.


With a wealth of expertise spanning more than three decades, we guide you in conceptualizing a fresh space, curate choices from an extensive array of products, and meticulously bring to life the room you’ve always envisioned. We firmly believe that innovative designs emerge from the profound dialogue and trust cultivated between our designers and clients.

Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About US


“The design team helped point out important details that saved us time & money. All of my questions and concerns were answered promptly and pleasantly.”
- Debbie A.


Nothing was left untouched. Everybody involved was wonderful, professional and sensitive to our needs. I wouldn't change a thing."
- Houzz Member


“Extremely knowledgeable & amazingly easy to work with. The details went beyond what I had envisioned and requested, it is beautiful.”
- Anne P.


“Their workmanship & attention to detail allowed us to not worry. Would definitely recommend them.”
- Dee

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